$25 for 25 Campaign


Dear Fellow Coca-Cola Scholars:

2013 is a very special year for the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.  In April, the 25th class of Coca-Coca Scholars walked across the stage in Atlanta.  Each of us understands how amazing that moment is, but this year it means that 5,000+ extraordinary individuals are part of our Scholar network.  It's a true milestone, and one that demonstrates that the vision the Bottlers and the Coca-Cola Company had in 1986 to develop a powerful network of community leaders, touched by Coca-Cola, whose vision will help shape the world is becoming reality.

The Coca-Cola System celebrated the Scholars Foundation's 25th Class by making a significant commitment to fund the scholarship for years to come.  For months several of your fellow scholars have been developing an interesting format for the Scholars Leadership Summit.  Our hope is that by coming to Atlanta in October you will continue the celebration of 25 Classes, connect with a broad group of scholars, and develop joint commitments to take back home.  We reviewed the summit plans at a recent meeting and are excited about the direction the weekend is taking.  The team is now hard at work on logistics, speakers, and other programming aspects.

We are not certain how many scholars will show up in October?  But at any scale a weekend event like this will cost a lot of money.  Our goal is to pull this off with as little cost to Scholars as possible.  That means asking a lot from others to cover the Leadership Summit's true costs.  We have already starting approaching sponsors, but would also like to walk into meetings with Coca-Cola, affiliates, and partners with something in hand to show Scholar commitment.  Towards that end we are continuing the $25 for 25 fundraising campaign.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 from the Scholar network to help cover the programming costs of the Summit.  We will reach this goal if at least 40% of Scholars make a $25 donation.  In other words, $25 to mark the 25th anniversary for at least $25,000 total. There are two easy ways to contribute:

1. Add the donation to your Summit Registration using this link.



2. Make a direct donation using this link.



While fundraising is centrally about asking for your money, we are brainstorming ways to make this campaign fun as well.  It will most likely include a few friendly competitions between Scholar classes and perhaps other groupings like University/College attended to see who can have the highest percentage participation or total contribution?  Please be in touch if you have any ideas or possible spoils for the winning classes/teams.

On behalf of the Alumni Advisory Board, thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to celebrating with you in 2013.


- David

David Buckholtz

1993 Coca-Cola Scholar 

Alumni Advisory Board, Finance Committee 


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